Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Been in Seattle since Thursday afternoon. Staying at lisa's new place on her lovely new comfy couch.

Thursday: interviewed 3 people for a sysadmin job.

Thursday night: hung out with Jag, evan, jeffr, and Ray's older brother (sorry-- name?) drinking wine and playing video games. I mostly watched Evan do ninja stuff, but then we played Worms on the dreamcast, throwing sheep at each other and building girdles or something. That was all followed by IHOP at 2:30am and Evan and others harassing the friendly waitress.

Friday: sleep until 11:30 am or so. be quiet/dead until I got food at Gordon Biersch with Lisa. Meeting with Internap/Akamai. Half painful, but half interesting. Went and visited hellarad and her incredibly energetic/cute twin boys. I saw Isaac stand up on his own for his first time ever. I'm a witness! (Amber said she never has witnesses around for their historic events...)

Friday evening: dinner with Evan, meena, krow (Brian Aker), and some of his housemates at Indian food. Talked a lot about MySQL/memcached innards. Supposedly I have a job if I want one at MySQL. Anybody want to take over LJ for me? :P

Friday night: off to Isaquququahaa with Evan and Meena to erik's place. Watched Mulholland Drive. Coffee/donuts at Krispy Kreme. Drove around downtown Seattle at 2am... city's so nice at night. Back to Lisa's.
Tags: mysql, tech

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