Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bike stolen... again.

Vancouver is awesome, except for the asshole that just stole my bike.

Grrrrrr. This is the 3rd time now.

I had it locked up outside the hotel, along with Dina's bike, in a bike rack. Came back from dinner, approached the hotel, and saw there was only one bike there... Dina's. Asshole cut the lock and took my bike.

I'm not so pissed about the $800 bike as much as the fact that such assholes exist, and now tomorrow is ruined for me.... all I wanted to do was bike around Vancouver. Oh, I guess I remember from today's bike ride a place that rents bikes.

Fuck. :-(

RIP, Trek 7500 FX -- Sep. 18th, 2001 to Mar. 21st, 2004.
Tags: bike
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