Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

this vacation sucks

In addition to my bike getting stolen, my car broke down on the way from Seattle (where we ate with Evan and Meena) to Portland. We filled up the gas, then the car wouldn't start. Haven't had any hint of a battery problem before this.[*] Tried to get multiple jump starts, to no avail. Dina, a AAA member, called a tow truck who took us to a mechanic in Renton.

So yeah, we're in Renton at a ghetto Travelodge, waiting for tomorrow when the mechanic can fix the car.

But Dina has to be in Portland tomorrow at 2pm to get ready for her first day at her new job at 4pm. So she's gotta check Amtrak here.

[*] Disclaimer: I kinda knew my alternator was going, but I was under the impression it had more time / there would be a warning period with a weak battery. What do I know? I'm just getting sick of bringing my car (not even 5 years old yet) in to service so often lately.
Tags: bike
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