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the drive [Mar. 26th, 2004|05:41 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
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Taking a plane tonight at 11:15pm (from Portland) to Chicago to Indiana where whitaker will pick me up at 8:30am local time and we'll proceed to drive back to Oregon, stopping the first night in Iowa to see [my] relatives. We expect to be back in Oregon Tuesday afternoon.

I imagine I won't be posting to LJ often, considering this:
Roaming digital coverage

Calls made or received while you are in this area will be deducted from your included plan minutes and not from your mobile-to-mobile allotment. T-Mobile Internet, Sidekick and t-zones service may not be available in all these areas, but where available, roaming charges will apply.
Eh, whatever. I'll probably bring along my GPS receiver, and if I were motivated I'd make something where I could report back my coordinates and have a map get updated with my path, but I'm feeling lazy.

The plan for the trip (besides keeping Whitaker company) is to work on my memcached article for LinuxJournal, and my LJ backend slides for MySQL UserCon. Having no Internet is good for projects like those.

Currently I'm debating how I'll get to the airport, since I don't really feel like leaving my car at any park-n-ride, and I have no bike, and the 2 mile walk to the park-n-ride would suck in this rain, and I don't want to leave my car at the airport. I also need food, but I can get that downtown, provided I can get to the MAX stop.

Update: Problem solved! I've bribed Mark and Michael with promises of free dinner. :-)