Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

ia - sd - wy - mt

Iowa last night was fun... my mom's parents called up most my extended family and they all showed up at the house. It was nice seeing everybody again, even the little cousins who didn't totally remember me from last time. :-) Then went over to my dad's side and had wine with my grandma and aunt, who's currently redirecting the entire house, room at a time. Whitaker was shocked seeing my aunt there, since the last time he saw her was the previous time we were driving back from Ohio, but when we stopped by her houseboat in Minneapolis.

Whitaker and I got up early and drove ~850 miles to Billings, Montana. Didn't really drop below 80 mph... Wind was fierce all morning. Ate at Applebee's next door from our hotel here, then went swimming a bit. Whitaker feel asleep on top of the bed while watching TV.

Tomorrow: leaving early, then traverse Montana, up to Idaho, Spokane, and down to Pendleton, Oregon. We'll probably stop there, then finish up Tuesday morning, arriving noonish. We could've probably made it by Monday night, but there's no rush.

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