Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

linuxjournal memcached article

papag:memcached $ wc linuxjournal-article.txt
   86  2309 13986 linuxjournal-article.txt

My LinuxJournal article on memcached is now 2309 words, and not yet wrapped up. Perfect! It's supposed to be 2200-2800 words, and I'll be right in that range.

I've been putting this off (though I did write notes during the Indiana-Oregon roadtrip) so I feel better having banged it all out.

I can't post it publicly until a month after it's been in LinuxJournal, but I'd love some proofreaders if anybody's interested. I'll need to finish it and proofread it myself once or twice first, so it might not be for a couple days.
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