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Brad Fitzpatrick

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mountain bikes [Apr. 3rd, 2004|07:53 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick

Having happily broken in my new street bike after my old street bike was recently stolen, I resumed my search for a mountain bike, to replace my old mountain bike which was stolen, then stolen again.

Confused? Here's a timeline:

Junior high, perhaps: Ghetto Costco bike. Heavy and couldn't shift. Didn't get a good impression of bikes.

High school / freshmen college: Trek Mountain bike, front suspension only. Loved it. Left it locked up outside dorms one night (with hundreds of other bikes), and it was stripped of all its unlocked parts. I replaced all its parts (which cost as much as it did originally) and then the whole bike was stolen behind our house in Viewridge/Sandpoint area (totally an old/rich person area... not high-crime at all, but the damn gardening contractor punks next door probably stole it.)

Then replaced it with my Trek 7500FX, since I was 4 miles away from campus on a paved trail, and a street bike made more sense. That bike was stolen in Canada, right when I was about to purchase a mountain bike.

So... the street bike is replaced, so it's mountain bike purchasing time.

Today I took out a Trek Fuel 90 full-suspension bike for a spin.


I'd never ridden a full-suspension bike, and it's totally crazy. I was going full speed at medians in the parking lot, up over curbs, tree roots, bushes, rocks, and it didn't feel like anything. Whatever I ran into I just floated over.

I took it for quite a long ride, over everything I could find, including a creek. I had to apologize for bringing the bike back all muddy but the salesperson (who helped me with my bike last week) was just amused, not knowing where I found mud on such a sunny perfect day. (I was also all muddy myself)

So I headed out to their warehouse sale to find the disc-brake version, but the last/only one had sold since their database was updated last night, so now I suppose I have to buy the 2004 version which will be about $300 more.

Hopefully if I pick it up tomorrow morning whitaker and I will head up to Vernonia and bike 20 miles downhill to Banks.

Anybody have recommendations about other full-suspension bikes before I drop a G and some on this? Klein didn't seem to have as much selection, and most were a lot more expensive. Gary Fishers were about the same, but longer frame, and ugly as ass. Any others?

[User Picture]From: vanbeast
2004-04-03 08:14 pm (UTC)
Anybody have recommendations about other full-suspension bikes before I drop a G and some on this?

Get what feels good. Decide what price you want to pay, and ride everything near that price. Buy the bike that feels best. Features and shit are cool, but not going to be worth it in the end.

Personally, Trek's don't fit me AT ALL. I've got a 2000 Specialized Rock Hopper... it was the best fit in my range when I bought it. It was a hardtail, I was looking for a full suspension, but it just ... felt ... right.

As for brands, Kleins are a lot more expensive, but (arguably) better engineered. Most people don't think the extra money is worth it. GF's, like you say, are ugly and oddly proportioned, but are a good bike for the money.

There's always stuff like Cannondale, but ... eh. It's Cannondale. You're buying the brand. Specialized is good, but they have a peculiar fit that isn't for everyone.

One brand that is often overlooked is Kona. I completely ignored them when I was looking for my bike, and sort of kicked myself afterwards. They have (or had) a wide variety of styles and setups, and were comparably priced with Trek. I've ridden a couple of their bikes and really liked 'em. Dunno if they have any full suspension, though I suspect they do.

Which shop did you go to? I was in Corvallis for the entirety of my time interested in bikes, so I don't know much about the shops up here. What brands (aside from Trek) do they sell?
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