April 25th, 1998


Going Gimpy

This sucks, I'm getting all sick again. Elisa, one of my friends, came over before and we were doing calculus and physics homework and my legs and arms were all falling asleep. Now it's getting even worse. We went running after finishing the calculus thinking we needed to get back in shape and it'd help move my blood around but now it's coming back again and coming back stronger than it has in quite a few days. The other symptoms are present as well.... tired, a headache is coming on, kinda shaky arms/legs, etc...
This really sucks. I'm going to take a nap now, if I can, and I'll see how I'm feeling when I wake up. I thought this bitch medical condition (still nameless because the doctors haven't a clue what it is) would go away. I hope I figure it out before I leave for (=AWAYLINK http://www.washington.edu|college AWAYLINK=).