May 11th, 1998On this day in different years


A Late Weekend

It's Monday now. Monday morning, anyway. So really late Sunday night. That's kind of stupid how midnight is the turnover point for new days. It makes it so hard to describe half my life, seeing as how I'm always up so late. Anyway, why didn't Brad post any news over the weekend? Brad was busy.
I stayed up late Friday getting around four hours of sleep until I had to wake up early Saturday and go to the state band competition down at OSU. That lasted most the day and we got back to Beaverton around 4:00. Prom was Saturday night and I was supposed to be at this other girl's house for pictures at 4:00. I got ready really quick and was able to make the 5:30 dinner reservations. (wait... does anyone care?)
Yeah, so prom was cool... very cool. I went with a friend of mine, Heather Whitten, and had a blast. Afterwards we all went to one of the girl's houses that was in our group and bummed around and hung out and watched a movie until the wee hours of the night 'till we were all falling sleep. 'Twas cool.
Sunday I slept in until 1:30 or so in the afternoon and then Mike, Jeff, and Anil came over to work on a group project that was due on Tuesday. We finished it a few minutes ago. We love doing this crap... we make multimedia presentations and out-do the class totally, usually tricking the teacher into ignoring that we don't have any content and only did a bunch of cool special effects and stuff. Scary thing was that we actually had some content this time. Oh no! (=GRIN=) Anyway, I'm tired so I'm outta here.