May 14th, 1998


AP Calc or Seinfeld?

Tonight I had a choice... was I going to study for the AP Calculus test tomorrow, or was I going to watch 2 hours of Seinfeld? (including the pre-show hype and commercials, of course... ::rolls eyes::)
Well, I watched the damn show. I almost wished I hadn't now. It wasn't all that great. Sure, there were a few okay spots, but it didn't compare to some of the better episodes. I think I was laughing more in the 45 minutes before the show actually started than during the extended episode itself. I should've just taped it. (at the cost of being let out of the wonderful water-cooler talk about it tomorrow)
I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't study for the AP test because I got it all down pretty cold anyway. I'll study for a few minutes here before I go to bed. If the test was in the afternoon I wouldn't have a problem with it at all but instead they start it at 7:30 in the morning, about the time I normally wake up. Ah! That sucks. Night everyone.....