June 7th, 1998


Relatives & Graduation

Twelve of my relatives from Iowa are currently visiting. There are four grandparents, three aunts, two uncles, and three little kids... all here for my graduation ceremony coming up on Tuesday and all currently living in our house. In addition to our five, that's 17 people in our house! Every room in occupied, including the guest room and part of my mom's shop which we partioned off into a temporary bedroom.
My brother Ryan and I are sleeping in the upstairs computer room and my brother Cole is sleeping in my parents room. All our rooms, downstairs, have other people in them. As a result, Ryan and I can't get to our computers as often. We can access all our files and such over the network but it's tedious to get all our program settings working from these other computers. If I'm slow responding to something, it's because I'm either busy or away from a computer, perhaps out sight-seeing with the relatives or whatnot.