June 13th, 1998


California, here I come!

Well, I'm off for California now. I'm taking a road trip with a bunch of my friends: (=FR garrettpalm|Garrett FR=), (=FR mikesheley|Mike FR=), (=FR ryanhofer|Hofer FR=), (=FR nickrobertson|Nick FR=), and (=FR markferrell|Ferrell FR=). Six of us all packing into Garrett's van going down I-5 for about a thousand miles to Los Angeles... fun! (=GRIN=)

We're going to hit a bunch of amusement parks and water parks and stuff like that. I should be back the 21st. I start work at (=AL http://www.intel.com/|Intel AL=) the 22nd so I better be back in time for that at least!

If I find a computer down there with web access I'll try to post some more news. I'm bringing my digital camera and palmtop along so I have storage space for a few hundred pictures... I'll definitely post some of those when I return. For now, see ya!