July 12th, 1998


The Plan

I went to bed around three or four last night, only to be woken up this morning for church. Grrrr.... Anyway, now I'm home, after perhaps the most boring mass ever.

I'm preparing to leave for Seattle now. I have to wait for my laundry to dry and then I'm packing up and taking off. I'm bring my handheld computer and my portable network card so I'll try to get online in the dorms tonight, just for fun. (=GRIN=) In addition to the pre-installed web browser and mail client, I also installed ICQ and a telnet application. I should be good to go, assuming I'm able to configure the network settings right once I'm up there. If not, there's always computer labs around, but that's just not as adventurous. :P

Later! I'm off for Seattle.....

I made it!

Well, I made it... I survived my very first solo voyage from Portland to Seattle. Too bad they closed off a large chunk of I-5 north, that made the trip a little more confusing. Still, I made it.

I'm currently in a temporary dorm room at (=AL http://www.washington.edu/|University of Washington AL=) where I'll stay two nights (tonight and Monday night) while I'm doing the whole orientation thing, which takes place on Monday and Tuesday. I came up tonight so I didn't have to worry about waking up at 3:00 am or something tomorrow morning and making it up here on time. This way I can bum around today and check out the campus more on my own. There's this one really cool looking strip I wanna go check out in a bit here. First though I think I'm gonna wash up and take a quick nap, I only got to sleep 4 hours last night... not fun. (=GRIN=)

Anyway, keep coming back to read more.. I'll be posting news once, probably twice, a day. I'm going to upload some pictures later on tonight too. For now, though, nap time...zzz....

"The Ave"

I just got back from a Slurpee run. When I was out driving before on University Way, aka "The Ave", I noticed a 7-11, among other things. I decided to go walk that way (it's only a block off campus, still in the University District). The Ave kicks ass... there's just tons of crap: food places, video places, music places, arcades, computer stores, whatever.. it's just a cool street. Well, there are five or so other guys in this cluster now so I'm going to go be *gasp* sociable. (=GRIN=)

Pictures are here...

The pictures are here... check out this directory. Sorry, no descriptions or pretty thumbnails... I'm working on a little piece of crap handheld, I don't have any nice photoediting programs that run with four shades of gray. (=GRIN=)