August 12th, 1998


They're leaving...

All my friends are starting to leave for college. I start really late so I'll get to see everyone leave and everyone have their little goodbye party while I sit and wait for the end of September to arrive. (=FR garrettpalm|Garrett FR=) took off for Chicago this morning. (=FR danbernards|Dan FR=) and (=FR nickrobertson|Nick FR=) take off early next week I think. I tell myself that I don't really care, but I'm not sure that's totally true. I suspect I'll start to feel it a few weeks down the road when I go to grab the phone and think, "But who do I call?". I'm really glad I met (=FR maranatha|Maranatha FR=), it's going to make my transition into (=AL|college AL=) a lot easier having someone up there that I sorta know already.