August 26th, 1998


Computer Tomorrow!?! Oh, no... Monday.

As I've mentioned before, I was expecting my computer parts order to be in by next Tuesday. However, I got a message today saying it looked like it'd be ready my tomorrow evening... the guy was just waiting on another person's confirmation. I was pumped. Computer tomorrow?!? Rock on. However, got an email back a few minutes later saying he'd called the distributor and they were out of a few things. Bummer. Anyway, they are supposed to have it all in by Monday now. We shall see.

On the plus side, though, I picked up my network card today. I love how hardware is sold these days. The card came in a little plastic carton---nothing else. No papers, instructions, drivers, not even a box. (=GRIN=) All I'm waiting for now is my case, motherboard, monitor, soundcard, hard disk, and miscellaneous wires and stuff. I have my CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, video card, (=AL|LS-120 AL=) floppy, and speakers. The speakers are nice, I just wish I could start playing with more of it already.