September 22nd, 1998


Going to the Symphony

I'm going to the symphony tonight, in a few minutes actually. I'm waiting for (=FR dina|Dina FR=), (=FR ryanhofer|Hofer FR=), and Ashley to get over here, then we're going to drive down there. Yeah, so I got some free tickets, that's why we're going. And I suppose because it's cool. And it'll be one of the Last Things We Do Before College, like every other activity we've done in the past month or so. So why'd I get free tickets? I helped out (=AL|their webmaster AL=) do some stuff on the (=AL|Oregon Symphony website AL=). Aren't I special? Oh yeah, I don't have any dress clothes, or at least any that fit or I like. I swear, I've never had dress clothes that fit. I might get some for something or other and then I immediately grow out of them or lose 'em or something... who knows, I just never have them. It absolutely pisses me off. I hate dressing up lately. If I had some damn clothes I know I'd love it, because I loved dressing up when I went on cruises and stuff. Shit. I guess I'll go shopping tomorrow and get some dress clothes. Who knows. Off to the symphony.