September 25th, 1998


To College I Go

The bags are packed, my computer's boxed---it's time for college, baby. I'm outta here! Train leaves Friday morning (tomorrow, or well.... today) at 8:45. If I need to get up at 7:00 that means I basically have about five and half or six hours to sleep. Joy. Night.

At College

Yes, boys and girls, Brad is at college now. I actually arrived around noon today but I've been really busy up to now walking around getting lost and doing paperwork crap. This campus is huge!! I'm going to get in shape just walking to class everyday. Let's see... what else? Umm, my student ID card is actually pretty cool...good picture. Food decent. RA seems cool enough. Ethernet is fast. Voicemail is all setup and working. Subway is tasty. Things are good.