October 1st, 1998



My monitor died. I was using it last night and the tube just blinked off. I've checked all the connections and tried it on other computers but it is indeed dead. My parents should be bringing another one up for me tomorrow, along with a bike (this campus is huge). As for now though, back to using my little handheld.

Bad Dr. Pepper, Bad!

My (=FR mikerode|roommate FR=) just tossed me a Dr. Pepper from our fridge and the damn thing blew up all over the room. Took forever to clean up and I had to go take a shower afterwards. Guess we should turn up the temperature a little.... this thing is still frozen, what's left of it anyway. Man, one of my pillowcases and some of my clothes are drenched too. Heh.... some things are only funny once, ya know?