November 9th, 1998


Visiting Home

Last Friday I forgot to post my weekend plans. Five of us from my floor went down to University of Oregon to watch the Husky/Ducks game. We had a hell of a time catching trains and buses and cars ... we almost didn't make it. In the end, though, it kicked ass. I saw my family again and saw a bunch of people down at UO that I hadn't seen in awhile. Fun time hanging out with my old girlfriend, (=FR julieschlosser|Julie FR=) too. She let us all stay the night there because our other accomodation plans fell through. Anyway, I'm back to Seattle now, along with a bunch of crap I brought back from home. Cool. Now homework. :(

Hella Busy

I am sooooo busy today. Shit. Paper to write. Spanish test to study for. Math homework to do. Program I want to write. *sigh* I'm going to be up so late.