November 15th, 1998


Just A Sunday

Sunday. How fun. Sunday night, to be specific. Even more fun. I went and saw (=AL,+The+(1998)|The Waterboy AL=) yesterday with (=FR marcus|Marcus FR=) and (=FR eli|Eli FR=). That was pretty cool. Did some homework today. Been struggling to get the Voting Booth up and running. When the database isn't dead I can make a good $20-$25 dollars per day in ad revenues. If I don't get that money, I don't get to keep this site for free. Besides, I like running that service... it's fun. The database seems to be dying for some reason or another. It could be because it sucks, or it could be because it can't handle 7 requests/second. I dunno. (=GRIN=) In any case, I'm going to get a faster, more robust database server running on it pretty soon. The tech support people at (=AL|Virtualis AL=) have been wonderful.

Hmmm... I think I'm going to take an hour nap and wake up to do some homework. I don't even have anything due tomorrow, I just wanna eliminate some of it to make this week easier. Oh, and (=FR scout|Scout FR=)... where are you lately? You need to get on ICQ or AOL. (=GRIN=)

Update: I took a nap and now (=FR eli|Eli FR=) and I are here visiting (=FR erik|Erik FR=) here in the big UW computer lab, where Erik works. It's really funny because everyone around here is really dumb. He publishes reports of (=AL|his encounters with stupid people AL=) on his website. Check it out.