December 6th, 1998


It's Been Awhile

I haven't put up a news entry in awhile. Been kinda busy. Haven't been sleeping much. I suppose the biggest excitement in my life lately is that I've got my own dedicated server on the Internet now from (=AL| AL=). And at the low low price of only $400/month! Woo-hoo! On the plus side, my Voting Booth project (now at (=AL| AL=)) is more than paying for it. Go banner ads! I also setup (=AL| AL=) for my family, so go visit them. (=GRIN=)

Okay, non-computer news: I have three more days of class this quarter. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Then I have a final Friday and two Saturday and I'm on my way back to Oregon. (=FR dina|Dina FR=) is gonna come visit me sometime this week also. It's gonna be our six-month "anniversary" on Wednesday the 9th. (that would be 12/9, 6 months after, yes... 6/9... (=GRIN=))

Oh yeah, back to homework. I'm up at the library visiting (=FR erik|Erik FR=) and being "productive", supposed to be doing my math. Lata'...