Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

dinner party

Had dinner at my place with lisa and whitaker, and of course the wonderful chef dina.

We had chicken/shrimp/pepper shiskabobs, black beans, asparagus, and margaritas. (Link to shiskabobs as proof that either I spelled it right, or somebody else spelled it wrong.... google didn't offer suggestions.)

Dinner was followed by some Pictionary and my partner (Whitaker) kinda sucked. I do apologize for punching you so hard though, man. But c'mon... the BLUE PENCIL side.

Oh, best pictionary drawing from Whitaker, me guessing:

[Triangle with @ sign...]

"At sign"
"Under Construction"

[thick stick figure dancing]

"Uh, dancing man."



[circle with horns]

"The Devil."
"America Online!"

Heh. Best drawing series ever. (The triangle was supposed to be the AOL logo, and the dancing man the AOL buddy icon running dude....)

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