March 19th, 2000


(no subject)

(In Mexico).... last night the policia stopped eli and i on the beach and searched us for drogas and jacked 200 pesos (~22 dollars) from eli after interrogating us. the funny thing is that the other guy we were walking by that got stopped as well actually did have a joint on him ... he just managed to move it around his pockets while they searched him. heheh. yeah, so our favorite saying now is "FUCK DA POLICE". we just got back from riding Wave Runners in the ocean... Fucking Cool!! so then we had some drinks in the sun (what we do everyday, actually... for most the day, actually... :P) and now we're heading back to our hotel to drink on the beach there. (rough life). tomorrow we have to wake up early (8 am or so) and go to the marina to catch a booze cruise to go to this place to hang out on the beach and drink and ride horses and swim in a waterfall. ¡este es la vida! (this is the life!) --- brad y eli