May 22nd, 2000


Batman, Sleep

Eli, Erik, Blythe and I just finished watching Batman .. worked on LiveJournal while I watched it. I'm off to bed now.... got class tomorrow at 8:30 ... fun fun.

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awake, tired, off to econ ...... might try to get some homework done in there. eli and i feel compelled to attend these last two weeks because our last two quizzes we've sucked up, and we can drop two, so we figure it'll be those... which means we have to do good on these next two (which are supposedly easier anyways...) in any case, attending class should make them even easier. how sad how that works. :-P


Today fucking sucks. Everything is just going wrong... and to make it all the fucking better, my bike was fucked up last night and I just found out about it ... somebody managed to steal the entire fork, my brakes, my rain splash gaurd, FUCK! So I can't even ride my bike now.... I went to class and and just got up and left in the middle of it after I found out (Eli sent me a message on my phone...) FUCK! So the police are on their way now to fill out a police report and Eli's going to take some pictures so I can hopefully get reimbursed from insurance... my mom's looking into it. FUCK!

Bike Update

Well, got the police report on my bike, but it turns out my insurance has a $500 deductible. They stole about $240 worth of stuff from my $600 bike, so basically, I'm left with the bill. Fun, huh? I'm going to buy a skateboard instead of fixing my bike for awhile. Here's my bike now, minus random parts:


Oh, but one good thing for the day ... I got my Palm VII, so I get to play with that.