May 25th, 2000



Number of school days remaining: 13
Number of classes remaining: 17
Number of homework assignments remaining: 3
Number of big projects remaining: 2
Number of finals remaining: 3
Stress level: (17 + 3 + 2 + 3) / 13 = 192%

Damn MS Office

Go Microsoft products: no Office application will start on my Windows machine anymore .... they start up, then freeze to the point I have to kill their process in the task manager. I'm downloading the "2000 SR-1 Core Update" now, hoping that'll fix it. (gotta love Windows debugging.....)

Update: The update wouldn't install. So I rebooted. That fixed it. Even more pathetic. Sorry 2000, Linux wins for uptime....


Free DVD!

Many thanks to Ryan (rcw) for sending me "Instinct" on DVD .... thanks, Ryan! You've brightened my otherwise dull day. (except for beating Scott's slow ass twice in a row on the inflatable obstacle course....)


I just got an email from a Manager of Operations at Excite Corporation ( about LiveJournal .... of course they really just wanted to know their lost password, so I directed them to the lost password page, but I hinted they should buy/fund LiveJournal from me one day in the future. :-P

Update: The manager at Excite mailed me back, saying, "I forwarded the URL onto product management. Who knows. It's an awesome service. Thanks for providing it!" I know this is wildly far-fetched, but wouldn't that be awesome if Excite bought it (assuming I had some control over how much they bastardize it) and I had shitloads of resources for developing it more? Based on the latest usage stats, we're going to need more hardware pretty soon here..... I should start to think how I can make money off this site to pay for more expansion, without pissing off users... that's always the hard part.