May 28th, 2000



Back from the beach ... at home now with Blythe. Camping was fun ... we did a bunch of random shit. The best had to be Nick and I in the inflatable raft, paddling up wind down to the ocean in the cold-as-hell water.... pretty fun. Oh yeah, some pretty good fires too ... Nick thought my fire design wouldn't work but it was pretty damn fierce. Anyway, we got bored of stuff to do at Fort Stevens and Cannon Beach so we came back here and I cleaned my car... Nick's at home now watching the Portland/LA basketball game... think I'm going to shower and then go over to Nick's or something... dunno.


Back in Seattle.... made excellent time coming up ... did 70-80 mph the whole way and never stopped. Tons of cops on the road, though ... must've seen 15 or 20 of 'em.