May 29th, 2000


Need Sleep. Year Countdown.

been up programming. i should go to bed...... big day of boring homework to look forward to tomorrow, fun fun.

Countdown: 6 days (4 instruction, 2 of finals), 3 finals, 2 damn big projects....

Awake --> Blah

Awake now. Had a phone call this morning at 8:00am, but I hardly remember that now... I went back to bed. Woke up about an hour ago, showered, read some mail, and now I'm going to go eat before I face the inevitable doom that is homework day.

(no subject)

want to do a dozen fun things, but I have two big projects I need to work on. Scott was down here for awhile and we were doing one of them (OS) but he left now to go do some of it on his own ... I think I'm going to head to Sieg (by foot, grrrr, since I don't have a bike anymore) and work on my digital design project.


In Sieg now... took awhile to get here because the first time I left I got halfway here and realized that I forgot my headphones so I had to go back and get 'em. Content now, though ... have my heaphones, glasses, and a computer w/ a large monitor.

Caution: Suckage Ahead

This week is going to suck. I've known it would, but now I can actually feel the suckage sinking in. These CS final projects are killing me already, and there aren't many days left to finish them. Ahhhhhhh! I think I'm going to live in the lab this week, with my headphones... don't have time to deal with CS people, much less regular people.

lazer grid system

it's hot in this room. damn people kept visiting, so i setup a lazer grid system on the door to keep people out..... course it's really just a bunch of tape and some sticky notes that say "Authorized Personel Only", but it's working so far. been working on CS project shit for the last few hours, and will be all night.... not making a helluva lot of progress on anything.