May 30th, 2000


Eli's girlfriend

Well, Eli's got a new online girlfriend ..... he's gotten bored of his past ones (and yes, he has had many!! (damn slut)) Anyway, his new one is starla.... he's typing away frantically to her (the pseudo-equivalent of "gettin' it on" in the real world) and laughing to himself every 30 seconds, so it's good there's some chemistry in this relationship...... Eli, I wish you the best!

Update: Now he's talking to her on the phone .... this is getting serious.


Kailani's Dead

Kailani just came in and got zapped by our lazer defense system.... she's now dead. I think we're going to have to throw her dead body out the window.


spending hours on this project and not making any damn progress. and eli's talking to his online girlfriend, laughing like ernie, and it's really starting to get on my nerves. i'm going to bed now i guess. fuck.... i hate homework. (in other news, i took a break and worked on livejournal and made some excellent progress... but couldn't have fun with it, knowing i had a dozen other things to do)


Awake, after sleeping through my two classes... Eli had some fries he didn't want to eat from his lunch, so I ate them for breakfast. (pretty shitty breakfast) Today's plan: more homework... *sigh*

Back from Microsoft-land

Back from Bellevue/Redmond/Crossroads. I swear, I got lost like 5 times.... there's construction everywhere so I had to keep taking alternate routes, and everytime I ended up on a Microsoft campus, it was fucking sick... and to make it worse, Microsoft colored transit vans were driving around everywhere with Microsoft propoganda on them.... Grrrr.


Still working on CS project stuff. I've changed the underlying data structures for one of the parts back and forth twice now (list, priority queue, list, priority queue, .... the STL kinda pisses me off for a lot of things)