June 5th, 2000


I should be sleeping

Yeah, I have a final in 7 hours, so one would think I'd be sleeping, but am I? No ... not me. I'm working on LiveJournal, burning some CDs, reconfiguring some stuff on my Linux box, reading some news, cleaning my mail ... I think I'll study in the morning. SHiiiiit. I should sleep. *sigh*

finals, claritin.

Finals .... two today. Eyes itch ... took Claritin. Eli was up for 7:00 breakfast, but is now going back to bed. I should go eat too. and oh yeah --- just found out our group got a perfect grade on the last two (of three) operating system projects. we were over whole standard deviation above the mean on both of them ... which means we're in the top 1/6 of grade distribution, IIRC. with 6 groups, that means we win. :-P

2 down, 1 to go.

Finished my Digital Design final a few hours ago ... it was harder than I anticipated, yet still tolerable. I'm glad it's done. I should do fine in the class, and should do good in Operating Systems too. But tomorrow ..... heh .... tomorrow I'm gonna get screwed somewhere not too comfortable. It's my Formal Models of Gibberish final ... I'm hoping to pass that class (I believe 2.0 is passing....). *sigh*

Fun with web development

So, LiveJournal's growing too fast... it's going to get slow pretty quick here if I don't optimize code and/or add more servers. It's easy to add servers, so I thought a few weeks ago ... let's make it totally scalable ... no files on the disk ... everything in the database, and then the DB is the only bottleneck, and we can always put that on a fast machine, or improve that code ... well, so I'm started moving all the user-uploaded images into the database... that worked... then I wrote a quick FCGI app to serve images.... uh-oh ... binary data in the files (nulls) breaks FCGI and/or Apache ... so I upgraded FCGI.pm ... didn't help, although people on the mailing list say it should ... do I have sfio compiled into my Perl? I forget... it's been so damn long. Hmm .. maybe my mod_fcgi ? Damn! It's old ... so's my Apache on this box! Okay, so upgrading all those... fun fun fun. When it's all done, the system will be good as new, and my little 20 line program will work as it should.

Update: 19 minutes later, it's all working.... all it took was a new Apache (1.3.12), new mod_fastcgi (2.2.4), and new FCGI.pm (0.52). I'm happy.... I really didn't expect it to work.

Blythe, Pizza, Database

Blythe's on her way over now.... she'll be here in like a half hour. I ordered pizza for us ... it should be here in like 30-40 minutes. In the meantime I'm working on some LiveJournal database optimizations.