June 6th, 2000


all tired.

blythe went from exuberant to dead tired in about the course of 10 minutes... weird. took her home. been on the computer awhile, but don't feel like programming, studying, or packing, so I think I'm going to sleep... feeling pretty tired myself.


Awake ... got a whole bunch of sleep last night. Something is oddly different ... what is this sensation I'm feeling? Rejuvination? Energy? Very odd indeed ... it's rare I wake up and aren't still tired. Big day today ... gonna go shower, eat, pack, then my mom comes with the mini-van and we'll load up all my big stuff there. At 2:30 I have my gibberish final where I plan to have my grade in that class sink even lower than it is now. At 6:00 tonight I'm supposed to check out of the room, so I need *all* my stuff packed away either in the mini-van or my car. Oh, and somewhere in all this time I'm supposd to study too ... yeah, like that's gonna happen much.

Shutting down computers

Here goes my 2 month uptime on my Linux box... and my 2 day uptime on my Win2k box... computers are now shutting down for their voyage to Portland. If you send me email, I'll still reply later, but not from here for awhile.

I'm done!!!!

Ah yea' .... done with school!!!! No more finals!! (that last one I totally sucked up, but who cares... I'm done.) My mom came earlier with the minivan and we loaded it up with all the big stuff... now Eli and I have been packing all the small stuff in and my car and cleaning. I just got officially checked out. I'M DONE!!!

Plan is to help Eli unbunk the beds, go visit with some people, then head back to Portland either tonight, or tomorrow morning sometime.

Food, movie.

Been hanging out with Blythe before I take off for Portland.... we went out to dinner at Red Robin and met Evan and Quan ... Quan picked up the bill, what a stud. Anyway, now Blythe and I are going to go watch Gladiator. Hopefully we'll get in this time, I think this'll be Blythe and my 5th attempt to see this movie.