June 8th, 2000


Washed/cleaned my car

Woke up ... washed/clean/dried my car. Ate too.... grilled cheese (and meat) sandwiches... Mmmm. Should take a shower.... grandparents are going to get here any minute I guess (they're driving from Iowa .... they like to drive, plus the nearest airport from Iowa is about half the distance from Iowa to Oregon anyway) Oh, and I should change out of this shirt that says, "If you don't like to party, don't fucking come. --Mazatlan" Not so sure they'd approve of that. :-)

bike repair

Took my bike in for repair ... not only are the shocks messed up because I accidentally removed all the oil from them, but the derailer's adjusted poorly (Gregg's fault) and somehow now the front brakes are rubbing on the left side... my mom says they were messed up when she went to put it in the car, so I blame that on somebody fucking with my bike when it was in the room. Anyway, repairs are going to cost $76 ... <sarcasm> what a fucking deal </sarcasm>.

Finally! New LiveJournal...

After weeks of working 5 minutes at a time because I had too much homework, I'm finally done with school and got a chance to sit down for a few hours and finish the new version of LiveJournal ... this release really frickin' rocks. Try it out and try to find bugs. I'm actually pretty sure this release is pretty damn bug-free, and a lot more improved than old versions, but who knows... I'm tired, so maybe one or two slipped in. There's no install wizard for it yet, just a .zip file. I'll put together a new install file if there's no negative feedback.

My ex is pyscho

If I didn't think my ex-girlfriend Bethany was pyscho before, this proves it:

23:20:13 WatrAminal: programming?
23:21:06 SirBradly: yup
23:21:11 WatrAminal: figures :-D
23:21:16 SirBradly: you?
23:21:20 WatrAminal: damn english paper
23:21:27 WatrAminal: trying to kill everybody off in my story
23:21:31 WatrAminal: they're not dying
23:21:51 WatrAminal: but i fit in mass genocide
23:23:02 SirBradly: just have them get nuked
23:23:33 WatrAminal: had the government kill off the elderly and the retarded
23:23:39 WatrAminal: now trying to kill the government