June 18th, 2000


my morning

didn't finish cleaning up in time before my mom got back ... she was pissed. house was a mess. had to go outside to clean some it and my allergies are killing me ... can't find my Claritin. then moved all my crap from the furnace room into my real room, now that most my relatives are gone. anyway, been working on job stuff ... learning/installing Postgres and PHP, two things I should've learned awhile ago but never had a reason to.

livejournal requests

last hour I've been working on LiveJournal .... also been taking requests from livejournal users over email and seeing how fast I can implement them ... pretty fun. made the export feature and the quick links bar (only visible if you're logged in). "That was super-impressive response time action. Hats off to you. :)" ..... "You thug you." Ah yea'.