June 19th, 2000


database-served images & toaster biscuits

been laboring away on the new livejournal.com image system ... finished the move from all user images on the filesystem to the database ... lot of advantages: makes for easier server clustering (no NFS), lets you throw intelligent "Expires" headers on the HTTP responses (if all pics have a new unique ID, any picture ID never expires, since it can't change... less HTTP traffic), and it'll later allow users to have different pictures to associate with different moods, etc. Anyway, the hard work is done now, so I'm going to go make myself an Australian Toaster Biscuit now. Mmmm.

@home sucks, again.

I'd just like to complain again that @home's service sucks. I was in the middle of changing some very important LiveJournal stuff when our cable connection just flat-out died. It usually gets slow, but this time is just quit totally. So I'm now on a Windows computer upstairs on a modem, with no ssh, no X-server, no emacs ... *sigh*

Class Registration

Stayed up until 6am so I could register for the rest of my classes. Should've taken the whole physics series in series so I'd get priority registration, but instead I got "sucks to be you" registration time and the only physics class I could get is an 8:30 ... and a night lab on mondyas. great, huh? and the rest of my schedule was so perfect too.


Having 17 different xterms open to a dozen different hosts and websites started to worry me ..... I started typing out all my logins and passwords and found out I was remembering 27 different passwords. That's too much. I'm now using fpm to keep track of them. I feel oh-so-much better.

evan's winning

damnit, evan beat me out the door with the spelling support in the livejournal client .... his linux client now has a spell checker and it's in CVS ... my windows client has spell checker support, but it's just sitting on my harddrive. i lose. better work on that. need to sleep pretty soon here ... stayed up all night ... not feeling too well now. kinda hungry/tired/delirious.


back from the bank ... been back for awhile. bame back and Lisa was here. and she's still here, talking and talking and talking.....


tired. didn't get enough sleep last night. i'm thinking i'll stop programming, hook up my dvd/tv/receiver and watch a movie and fall alseep. (if I can pull myself off the computer....)

software reviews

I thought I'd do a quick round of software reviews, based on my experiences over the past few days:
  • FreeBSD is nice, but finnicky and irritating
  • Linux kicks ass
  • Mozilla is showing some serious promise ... it's very usable on Linux, and I use it as my primary browser now
  • Ethereal is the coolest damn thing ever, it keeps getting better too!
  • PHP is okay, but there are a number of things I dislike about it so far. Prefer BML.
  • PostgreSQL has some nice documentation, but haven't use it much yet.