June 21st, 2000


image server improved

thanks to tufchoice for commenting that user images weren't loading/reloading/caching correctly. indeed they were not ... but I've added some extra HTTP headers and handled a few more request types and things rock now. the livejournal server is less stressed and it should be faster for users, too!

Time to crash ....

Well, I'm out of projects which I feel excited enough to do on no energy ... guess I'll go to bed. Before I go, I'd like to thank opalcat for helping me out with a bunch of livejournal stuff this evening ... the pretty "return to home" image at the top right of livejournal pages, some hints on organizing the site, working on some new base colors, and talking about future LJ plans ...

Finally awake

Just woke up 10-20 minutes ago when a visitor came to the door... it was Brandon next door, he wants to go on a bike ride later. He's gone now.... Man, that was some good sleep ... I actually feel rested for once. Woke up to 100+ email messages ... gonna wade through those and then have some breakfast. :-)

Date stuff

Heh ... date stuff is interesting:
The Julian calendar defined leap years as every 4th year. The Gregorian calendar improved this by making every 100th year NOT a leap year, unless it was also the 400th year. The Gregorian calendar has been extrapolated back to the year 1000 AD and forward to the year 9999 AD. Note that in historical context, the Julian calendar was in use until 1582 when the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the Catholic church. Protestant countries did not accept it until later; Germany and Netherlands in 1698, British Empire in 1752, Russia in 1918. Note that the Gregorian calendar is itself imperfect. Each year is on average 26 seconds too long, which means that every 3,323 years, a day should be removed from the calendar. No attempt is made to correct for that.
I remember from a tour of some Mayan ruins I went to that the Mayans actually discovered that the year was 365 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, and 30.56 seconds long .... how's that for accuracy using stones as measuring devices?


i've been wanting to get a haircut for weeks, so when my mom offered to cut my hair (she'd just given my little brother one, so she had all her stuff setup) I said sure .... she did a pretty damn good job too. it reminded me of when I was 6, but at least I saved $11 and didn't have to put on socks and shoes to run down to super cuts.

working now on optimizing the speed of "friends view" database queries .... 4.43 second queries are too long ... it should be under a half second. adding some hints tables.

I suck.

Yeah, so I went mountain biking with Brandon, and I must emphasize the word MOUNTAIN ... my god, I nearly died. And not just once .... several times. I wouldn't have minded being thrown over my handle bars or crashing or getting scratched up, no .. what I did mind was not being able to breathe ... asthma sucks. It's like, you try to breath, but air just doesn't come in. I wish I could find my Claratin drugs ... they're somewhere in this room but I've yet to find them. I'm probably out of shape too, but that that much ... I should be able to go out of my room and breathe for at least 10 minutes ... *sigh*

Anyway, came back and took a long shower until I stopped itching and sneezing. I can almost breathe regularly again. Helped my dad with some Perl ... he's slow. I had to take over. Oh yeah, Windows sucks (he was doing Perl on Windows). Back to my stuff now.


i've been listening to a lot of third eye blind, cake, and alice in chains lately ... kinda getting sick of dre and eminem.