June 22nd, 2000


going well ....

LiveJournal optimizations are going well... MySQL likes my query:

mysql> explain SELECT
-> h.userid, h.itemid, h.security, u.user
-> hintfriendsview h,
-> user u,
-> log l
-> LEFT JOIN friends f ON u.user=f.user AND f.friend='bradfitz'
-> h.itemid = l.itemid AND
-> h.userid = u.userid AND
-> h.userid = 1
-> AND ((l.security='public')
-> OR (l.security='usemask' AND l.allowmask & f.groupmask)
-> OR (u.user='bradfitz'))
-> ORDER BY h.logtime DESC;
| table | type | possible_keys | key | key_len | ref | rows | Extra |
| u | const | user,PRIMARY | PRIMARY | 4 | ??? | 1 | |
| f | const | user,user_2,friend | user | 30 | u.user,bradfitz | 1 | |
| h | ref | userid,itemid | userid | 4 | ??? | 7 | |
| l | eq_ref | PRIMARY | PRIMARY | 4 | h.itemid | 1 | where used |


Working on getting the friends view to load quicker..... some of the SQL I'm writing lately is getting pretty damn horrendous. I'm really starting to dislike MySQL too ... wish I had money for some Oracle licenses ... in the short term though I hope Virtualis gets their ass in gear one of these days and preps my new server so LiveJournal's load could be distributed.


it happened again! I went into the bathroom, took a piss, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and had a brilliant idea ... i need to do that more often.

paging support

added support for "next page", "previous page" in the lastn view ... if you modified your style you'll have to modify it again to add support for paging. i'm going to add support to the friends part now ... (the code is already done, actually ... I just have to expose it to the style system...)

bed time

It's that magic time again ... 4:30am, just the perfect time so that if I try to go to bed now, I'll actually fall asleep minutes before it gets bright out and the birds start chriping. (if I'm awake when that happens, I feel pathetic.) Anyway, ton of new LiveJournal features are in. I'll let you find them.... I'm going to bed.

I lied again

I started to go to bed, but then I realized I couldn't leave parts of the paging code incomplete, and I knew I wouldn't get to it tomorrow (it's more fun to start new projects than to do the remaining 5% on existing ones) so I finished it instead.... my main motivation is that I realized once I got into bed that fixing the 'bug' would require changing the style system, and I didn't want people using the broken model and me having to come back in 6 hours and change it all around on them again. But it's complete now, and really solid, so I'm going to bed for reals* this time.

* "for reals" is what the girls next door in the dorms used to say non-stop ... it was like their phrase of the year


Was reading somebody's journal and saw yet another reference to LiteStep, the modular open-source Windows shell replacement ... I'd heard of it before but got the impression that only Unix-wanna-bes that couldn't learn Linux used it. I also heard it was a pain in the ass to uninstall. So I figured I'd install it .... piece of shit. Didn't even come with an uninstall program either, so I had to go into regedit and clean some stuff. Glad I'm back to the Win2k shell.... much more functional. (still prefer GNOME, but that isn't coming to Windows anytime soon....)

i'm drained

okay, screw that staying up all night crap, i'm frickin' tired all the sudden. i went and ate a bowl of raisin bran and just about fell asleep in it. nap time.


Grrr.... I cannot fall asleep! I've tried dumb little "falling asleep trick" I know, but I just can't do it. Man, this sucks.


Back from lunch and while I was gone Charles at Virtualis installed Slackware on my old FreeBSD box.... so I'm going to be installing a ton of stuff on it over the next few hours and then have it help the LiveJournal.com load...

Been awake for: 23 hours

new system status

Status of the new system: things I've installed: slackware 7.0, linux 2.2.13, ssh1 tools/daemon, emacs w/o X, apache 1.3.12, mod_fastcgi.2.2.4, Bundle::libnet, Bundle::CPAN, Digest::MD5, Image::Size, FCGI, pgcc, MySQL 3.22.32, Bundle::Mysql, bind 8.2.2p5 ... all that's configured and working now. next step: moving the livejournal files and database over and trying them out.

Been awake for: 26 hours

swearing helps?

heh ... i can hear my brother in his room swearing at his computer: "come on you fucking dvd player, play a goddamn movie!" he just got it and hasn't installed all the drivers yet .... god forbid he might have to do that first! *gasp*


I've now been awake 29 hours. I'm fading pretty quick here ... think it's nap time. New server's coming along well but I'm really out of it and don't feel like working on it anymore.