June 23rd, 2000


awake. server dead.

got up, found out livejournal was dead. great.

don't worry, though ... the new server should be done today, and then i'll just hit the switch in the DNS and all will be good and I'll start working on the old server (reformatting it and putting linux on there as well...)


have to take a break from working on the new server and go take my little brother to a friend's house ... and maybe grab some breakfast (lunch?)


day old half-full flat and warm coke ... ugh.

new server's coming along.... few more things and i should switch stuff over. you will notice a performance improvement, oh yes. (okay, i'm being optimistic)

making progress

making some good progress on the new server... suEXEC is now working too. only a few things remain, a major one of which is migrating the whole database tables over... but that shouldn't be too painful.

server ready!

Yes folks, the new server is ready to go into production .... I prepped the DNS for a switch a few hours ago (by lowering the refresh time to 7.5 minutes) so now I'll just take down www1, rsync the database again, change www1 to point to www2's db, change some A records, and things should be flyin' ... once the old box is converted to linux I'll get mod_backhand in there and have some intelligent load balancing, but for now it'll just be round-robin.

not quite ready

thought i was ready, but i forgot about setting up username.livejournal.com URLs .... and then that introduced a problem with the mod_log_mysql ... have to do some Apache-hackin' now ... my modified module is rebuilding now ... hope it works. :-)


I rule. :-) My Apache module changes worked ... seriously, I see why NT admins pay lots of money for any little new feature ... they can't just make changes themselves, and they probably aren't capable of making them if they had access to the source... you almost have to know a dozen languages to admin a Unix system.


think i'm done, for now. new server is up and processing requests. the database has been moved to the new machine too, with a heavily-compiler-optimized new copy of MySQL.... seems to be doing pretty well. let me know if you find any quirks ... i'm going to go be social for the evening, but i'll be at work on this again tomorrow ... have to do a bunch of other things too.