June 24th, 2000



Nick, Ollie, Dan and I are having fun making "rockets" (heh, that's what my mom thought) ... yeah, "rockets" made out of 2 litre bottles, duct tape, dry ice, water, and a good arm! Yeah, the ducks in the pond got a little woken up tonight ... and the whole neighboorhood around the pond. KABOOM! :-P


back from blowing shit up (took care of some porta-potties (sp?) ... kaboom!) and now i have to work on server stuff again....

*sigh of relief*

Okay, think I've got the last of the server problems tackled. The fast friends-view code is back in, now that I've removed the two major bugs: getting random friends occasionally, and security holes (people viewing your private entries). The first was a problem where when you deleted an entry, it didn't remove the appropriate "hint" from the fast friends table. That was a two line fix. The second was an error in my SQL query, the big ugly one I posted the other day .... turns out it was just plain wrong, but it was close, so it was deceptive. I was even able to remove a table from the join (only 3 now) so it's even faster. Things seem to be kicking ass, so I guess I'll start to move all the other services over from that old box (all my family, friends and e-friends' websites I host) and then I can convert that machine to be nice and sexy too.

However, if you find a bug in the new system do tell me ... I'll be mad for the first 10 seconds, but then I'll be glad once it's fixed. Oh, and thanks for everybody mailing me about that MIME::Lite package that was missing... forgot about that one.

um, what now?

so, livejournal seems to be running really nice ... now it's time to get back to the small little details... those are the things i like to work on and fix. also, need to start communicating with the users { better | more }. oh, i finally fixed my picture up: no jaggy white pixels around the edges now. and i fixed the bug where if you had two entries in the same minute, and you used the client (or web) to modify the most recent it gave you the wrong one in that minute. oh, and on the userinfo page it just shows all the clients you've ever used, instead of last 30 days ... this is due to a database change: the "logins" table was getting huge, so I now only log a row for each user's first use of a client, and then the last time they used it.

shit -- it's late. and i was back on a normal sleeping schedule i thought. Hmm ... I don't think the 24 hour rotation of the earth has anything to do with the periodicity of my sleeping schedule. oh, and the huge cut on my palm is stinging again (I got it running away from our first explosion tonight). think i'm going to bed pretty soon here.


awake .... today's job is going to be work on the server tons more, making sure all reliabilty problems are solved. a lot of people were pissed off when i checked my email this morning.


need to take a break from server-hell to go eat. it seems to be running fine now. i give it 10 minutes and then something will be fucked again. need to figure out what's locking it up.


My family and friends are all gone... parents and Cole are at the beach (invited me, I said no), Ryan's down at OSU on some visit thing, and Nick & Ollie are at the beach too (invited me, I said no). I just sent out some livejournal news about the growing pains, and have been getting tons of feedback. I think all 1,200 recipient of the email are replying. ;-)

LiveJournal's new server seems to be doing okay ... for now. I'm going to do some work-work now, stuff I get paid to do. I'll be watching LiveJournal periodically to make sure it's up, but other than that I'm going to try and ignore it.

Money for LiveJournal

On my last LiveJounal notice I sent out I was discussing the different ways to make money. Here are some of the more interesting ideas:

From eli: I think we need the LiveJournal carwash dude :-) We could make it like...wildthings...we'd DEFINITELY raise some bank :-)

From jgambrell: 1. Look for every LiveJournal user under the age of... let's say 20. Then, read their journal and blackmail the information they place upon (e.g. I got drunk with the money I was SUPPOSED to spend on books for blind children) to their parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/live partner.

From maggles: If worse comes to worst.. you could always sell your body eh? , but then she found out I have a girlfriend.

Er, there a bunch of other good ones too but I can't find them now.

visitors & food

nick and ollie stopped by. they were gonna go eat but i didn't want to go out ... don't want to put on a shirt, shoes, or spend money. instead, i'm trying to figure out how to cook a pizza .... i think i have the oven figured out now. it's preheating to 400 degrees ... that'd be cool if all household appliance did have IP addresses and responded to XML-RPC queries or had some sort of inteface exposed via IDL so you could do things like watch the oven temperature from downstairs, or register callbacks, so the oven could call a hook on my local machine when it's done, which could then send me some email or something. that'd rule. but for now i better run back upstairs and see if it's hot enough yet.


this is fun: i'm porting BML to run on top of PHP instead of Perl ... when this is done I should be able to start converting a lot of the BML on my site to PHP and still retain the templating system.... I have to use PHP for my summer job, so I figured while I learn it I might as well do something with it.