June 25th, 2000


No ccnow

Signed up for a ccnow.com account to take international money payments, but ccnow.com doesn't allow web site services as a product....
CCNow is intended to be used for tangible merchandise. This is defined as "physical products that are shipped to the customer's physical address". This policy helps CCNow to maintain our low fee. Tangible merchandise incurs a much lower rate of inquiries, disputes, and fraud than service-based sales or electronically delivered products. CCNow has elected to sell only tangible merchandise, so that our clients can enjoy lower fees.

The following products and services cannot be sold via CCNow:
  • ...
  • Web hosting services
  • ...
Well, that sucks.

Kinky cellphone users

Just read this in IEEE Spectrum:
The latest figures from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), Washington, D.C., say merely that digital penetration today exceeds 50 percent.
Kinda gross and kinky if you ask me.

Wow, it worked?

When I announced that LiveJournal needed money for servers and stuff, I didn't expect such a great response from everybody. People were very supportive and understanding. Just last night, 6 people already signed up for paid accounts ... 5 year accounts and 1 six-month account came in via PayPal.com, for a total of $140. That really adds up quick. I wonder how many other people have sent checks too. I'm getting pretty excited about being able to buy a nice server for LiveJournal. So folks, go get a paid account! It's only $2/month and if hundreds of people do it, that's a shitload of bandwidth and processing power we can get. I'll be putting up a list of supporters shortly, I have to enter a bunch of stuff in the database first.

Getting away from the computer

Nick's coming over and we're going to go in the backyard and practice our archery skillz ... we have two bows, a bunch of arrows, and a stack of hay... Nick's riding over now on his skooter. No, not an electric skooter, but one of those one you had when you were six. We have two of those also, so Nick and I might go ride around on skooters later. :-P Oh yeah, got a total of $419 from LiveJournal supporters ... thanks!

MySQL upgrade

I've analyzed the situation w/ LiveJournal's bottlenecks and I'm pretty confident the fault lies in the database. In particular, MySQL is blocking way too often. The old ISAM table format doesn't support concurrent inserts and selects, so whenever somebody goes to update their journal around the same time people are viewing journals, things slow down, and then all the users hit reload like crazy, and makes the situation ten times worse. I've confirmed that this is the source of the locking by looking at the logs and checking the current queries using mysqladmin. I've done all the little tricks and optimizations I can to my queries, and using temporary tables and whatnot, but MySQL 3.22.x just isn't cutting it. I've been monitoring the progress of the 3.23.x series for awhile, and although it's still officially in alpha, they recognize on their site they're about to go beta then release pretty soon, and it passes all the standard compliance tests, so I think it's time to make the switch and keep LiveJournal alive. Once the new database is installed I'll make backups of the old (current) raw .ISD tables, then do an ALTER TABLE on the tables I'm having problems with, and see how things improve. MySQL is building now... it should be done in a few minutes or so, then I'll be taking LJ down for a few minutes (like anybody will notice, with it locking up so much lately anyway).

I'm confused

Just got this email but I have no clue what she's asking...
Brad, I justed made a journal, but I had to forfit my mail rights.....why? And how do I recieve mail and send it. This is important to me so if you could IM me, my AOL name is ________.
Anybody? Help?

Update!! She's written back. Now, with:
to join the live journal.....do you have any idea what I am taking about??
It said to email you.....
And another...
the page on the site said that I would have to turn off all mail control or my account would be deleted in a week.......? Also said somethin about not giving me an account # unless I turned them off.