June 27th, 2000



no critical problems tonight so i should be able to sleep, but there are still some things kinda bugging me that i want to get done before I go up to visit Blythe from the 29th-4th ... going to bed now.

laundry time

Time to do some laundry ... I have literally no clothes left: I've been sitting around in boxers all day. I think that's the best part about working from home -- you don't even have to get dressed.

No thanks.

This person just wrote to me at the FreeVote help-translate address:
dear who may coreon

my name is eric j.solomita and my e-mail is christinaAluvr@aol.com

and iam a christina aguilera fan and iam 27 years ols i speak only engish and
i speak a bit of itallain and spanish also.

i also with the special olympics of florida in volleyball.

iam a repubican.

Yeah, sure, you can almost read/write English, so I'll let you translate the site! *rolls eyes*

Afternoon Excitement

Here's my big happenings of the afternoon:
  • did my laundry, but haven't folded them.
  • I now have shorts on.
  • I got two new DVDs in the mail today, making 5 total that I've yet to enter into my DVD database.
  • LiveJournal is being cooperative


I just got an email message from one of my old co-workers .... we're both subscribed to the MySQL mailing list and he just saw a reply I posted. :-)

No more bugs?

Okay, I think I got the last of the LiveJournal "bugs" worked out .... the latest bug that was causing so much trouble was that I still had the old server running, so some people's DNS wasn't properly updated and they were using the old server (w/ the old code). Anyway, I setup mod_proxy on that machine to just ProxyPass everything to the new server for now, until I nuke that one and rebuild it, at which time I'll do some intelligent load balancing between the two.


Damn, it's dark out already .... I swear it was bright out just a little bit again. I need to leave my room more.