July 2nd, 2000


Sleepy *

Watched Sleepy Hollow with Blythe. Now I'm kinda sleepy myself. Want to see something really funny? Jimmy "nolegs" McGee did some photo-editing of Blythe pregnant: Ha hah hah. Blythe is punching me. I don't think she sees the humor in it. :)


On campus with Blythe. We're going to walk around and play some frisbee somewhere. Had to stop in the computer lab first and fix my personal website (the old LiveJournal server). It was being retarded. Need to reformat it soon and clean it up.

LiveJournal people everywhere!

Fun day ... hung out with blythe in the morning and afternoon, we went to eat in Kirkland and hang out at a park, then we went back to Seattle and hung out awhile on campus before we met up with evan for his birthday dinner. Dining with us were faith, patrick, Heather (petit_chou), jenn, and Ross (headcase). After that Blythe and I headed over to Starbucks where we ran into kailani. Now we're going to watch The Perfect Storm.