July 3rd, 2000



Blythe is a turd (she calls me a shit... I call her a turd... what sweet petnames we have for each other). She wants to wake me up at an ungodly hour tomorrow to go out and get some "really good French toast" for breakfast, then trek around in some falls and get really frickin' cold because I'm a "dumb ass" that didn't bring any warm clothes. (well, I guess she's right.) But it should be fun, I like waterfalls.... I just don't like waking up early. If I can fall asleep soon here it shouldn't be so bad, but I'm not so good at falling asleep.

Morning Adventures

Dude, I did so much this morning, all before noon! It's amazing... woke up at like 8:30, went to breakfast, went to Snoqualmie Falls, came back, drove around Seattle, and came back to Blythe's. Then I took a nap ... and a damn good one, I fell asleep right away and just woke up now fully refreshed. Time to eat.

Still chillin' with Blythe

Blythe and I's events o' the day: after my nap, we rented a movie from Kozmo.com and then went and ate dinner at China First ... that's some damn good Chinese food. We then came back and watched our movie, "Girl, Interrupted". Tomorrow Blythe and I are both going to "go to work". She's going to her real work ... I'm going to go hit a computer lab on campus somewhere and catch up on some things.