July 8th, 2000


Iowa, day 3

So, still in Iowa. Got woken up early today. Sleeping in is considered lazy here, but it's okay to wake up early, eat breakfast, read the paper, then go back to bed (er, "take a nap") for the rest of the afternoon ... that's accepted. Retarded. So yeah, got woken up early and washed my grandpa's antique tractors for the 10 block parade tomorrow, a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the 200-person town's church. Also washed the '69 convertible. (see my grandpa's plan in letting me drive it? I was obliged to then wash it.)

Other news:
  • Beat my grandma, Cole, and Ryan at Scrabble last night. Shit, and they said I don't know none of them words, ya see?
  • Getting better at my Iowa talk. I'm speaking it somewhat fluently in front of my family. Still too weak to use it in front of the natives, though ... they'd know I was faking it I think. I'll practice it on Blythe when I return, just to bug her.
  • Going swimming again now, this time at a relative's pool.
  • Have to go to church tonight, at a place that isn't even air-conditioned. Fun.
I'm out now.

Iowa entertainment

So what do kids do in Iowa when they're bored? Get drunk and run around the city, of course! Yup, hung out with 15 cousins, second cousins, and cousins once removed (which I now know the details of, I'd proud to say!). We drank at the house, found some sober ones to drive, went all around town, trying to find a bar or bowling alley, failed, and ended up going to a closed-after-dark park with 36 beers. Pretty fun. My cousins are all pretty cool. Wish I'd met them years ago.

I was going to post some more interesting stuff, but I have a headache and want to go crawl on the couch and watch some TV. More fun information on Iowa forthcoming.