July 9th, 2000


Iowa, day 4

Only one more day of Iowa! Only more day of humidity, relatives I don't know, the smell of hogs, country roads, slow Internet conncetions, and nothing to do. Today we watched the "parade", went to my great-grandpa's 90th birthday party, got my picture taken dozens of times on both sides of the family, and hung out with my dad's side of the family at night, watching a thunderstorm. I'm continuing my list of "weird Iowa stuff", but by the time I get back here everynight I'm tired and don't want to type it up, so it'll get done when I return. Ryan and Cole are invading my nice basement room tonight... pretty annoying. I want my own room that's not right next to the washer, drier, and only shower in the house. Too much through traffic here ... can't get much sleep.