July 10th, 2000


Iowa, last day

Got to sleep in today... that's a first. We then went to Subway. On the way to my dad's house my dad got pulled over by a cop, for running a stop sign. He didn't even intend to, he's just retarded. The stop signs in LeMars are random ... most are unprotected turns, but sometimes one side or the other have stop signs. So, the cop was stopped at one of the rare 4-way stops, and my dad just coasts right on through (at 15 mph or so). The cop didn't even have to put on his blinkers ... my dad knew right away he was in trouble, and when the cop came to the window we were all laughing so hard that he just gave him a warning. Anyway, now we're going to the Wells Visitor Center. Wells is the industry around here .... Wells Blue Bunny is the ice cream manufacturer for everybody (like HagenDaaz, for example). This place is called the "ice cream capital of the world", so we're going to the big tourist spot now --- the visitor center. Fun fun. At least it'll be air conditioned ... that's why I'm excited to go.