July 12th, 2000



My really nice 2.4 GHz cordless phone died on me ..... like, died for good. It's not responding to key presses, making weird buzzing noices, doesn't ring, doesn't dial .... Grrrrr.

Revised Goal

My revised goal for the day is to clean my room, organize all my loose papers, and sort through my boxes I've yet to unpack from the beginning of summer. In the process I intend to throw away 50% of my junk. This is, of course, a prerequisite goal for my master goal of being productive. I have a cellphone bill to pay, but no more blank checks. I believe, though, that amongst this mess there exists a box of blank checks .... I just need to find it. Operation Clean Room thus beginneth.


Woohoo ... after hours of searching, cleaning, and sorting, I've finally found my box of blank checks. And as a side bonus, my room is getting really damn clean too. Plus, I've watched a ton of movies. This cleaning thing is kinda fun if you're in the right mood.


Going out to cruise the town with Nick .... we're gonna hit food and then develop the film from last Spring Break (in Mexico) that I just found back.


So, Nick and I went through a car-wash and the dude working it (some Asian guy, probably 16 or 17) invites us to a party. He hands us a flyer that reads:

    July 29

    Host and Contact
    Gadin - 599-6820
    Lance - 441-7925
He said the admission cost is just bringing girls. So, if you're in the Portland area, give one of those numbers a call (area code 503) and ask where it's at. Tell them some dude at Kaddy Kar Wash gave you the flyer. Nick and I must have looked pretty hard-core with our sunglasses on, hats backwards, driving my pimp mobile, and me with my goatee. Shiiiit. :-P Now, I wonder how old the girls they want us to bring should be.... 19-21? 16-18? In other words: legal or jail-bait? Heh. Recommendations? Thoughts? Who wants to go? ;-P

voice mail

i just setup my voicemail on my cellphone finally. had to call voicestream a few times to get some crap worked out ... they had my forwarding setup wrong, so when I was out of my local calling region (seattle), things didn't work right. all is fixed now. i'm happy. next project: find an SMS server that I can use to send text messages to my phone when servers are acting up.