July 13th, 2000


Fun with XML

Been talking to Brian's older brother quite a bit this evening, both on the phone and on ICQ .... he's an XML/XSLT enthusiast. I've been working with him to make LJ more XML-friendly. Here's my first attempt at representing journals as XML .... it's far from done. If you use IE5, it'll be nicely formatted in a navigatable XML tree.

Harry Potter

I'm going to bed now, but I just noticed my little brother Cole is still up reading that new Harry Potter book ... wtf? Can it really be that good? So good that my little brother that plays video games all day and normally goes to bed at 11:00 pm is still up at 3:00 am reading? He's been reading it straight for days.

Cleaning computer

Yesterday was clean the room day. Today is clean the computers day. I'm cleaning diskspace on my Linux box .... was up to 95% full on one partition. My goal is to work on some fun backup scripts later.


Cut the back of my heel (redundant?) open, walking down a stone step.... as I stepped up, it came up into the step. It's bleeding. Cleaned a lot of diskspace earlier. Learning more command-line options for rsync. rsync is cool.

I'm feeling stressed: there's so much crap to do, and I don't feel like doing anything at all.

back flips

went and jumped on the trampoline with Cole for awhile... I'm once again confident doing back flips. (a few years ago I was doing them all the time, but then hit my head on a fench coming around once and was scared of doing them again for years)

plea for help

please, somebody tell me how to shutup that goddamn clicking sound in Internet Explorer when you click links .... i hate system sounds and have them all disabled, yet that one remains ... i've search through every dialog and registry tree I can find, to no avail. the clicking wasn't present in IE 5.0 unless you had the "bonus pack", but in IE 5.5 it's now the default. noooooo!!!

bored, tired.

I'm bored and tired. Been working on my summer-job project the last few hours, but it's really not all that exciting, at least not yet. I have a real hard time motivating myself to do stuff that's not interesting, be it summer work, homework, or even parts of LiveJournal that aren't interesting or rewarding. In an ideal world, I wouldn't have to work and I could just play with new and interesting technologies whenever I felt like it, with no obligations to do boring shit. But sadly, such is not the case.

I think I'm going to go to bed now. I just don't feel like doing anything. DVD sounds boring. LiveJournal seems tiring. You know what I really need? I need to go to some angel investor and say, "yo, I need x hundred thousand dolllars to fund livejournal development ... gimme." I wish I knew how that all worked. My lawyers were telling me about it once, and I'd go back to them and ask more, but they charge so damn much. I should do some research on the Internet first. But blah ... that sounds tiring and boring now too.

If you didn't see it already, I put my LiveJournal to-do list up on the web. If you're a Perl whiz and want to help with anything in particular, let me know. I need so much damn help ... I keep thinking of more ideas faster than I can program them.

Yeah, so ... sleep time I guess. Maybe I'll wake up early tomorrow.

(Blythe, you home yet??)