July 14th, 2000


accountin' masta

it's been an exciting morning, oh yes. i woke up at 8:30, got out of med at 9:00, and helped my mom out with the accounting stuff for my two businesses (freevote.com, inc. and bradfitz.com, inc (which is the holding company or whatever for livejournal.com)). I'd now like to say that I'm the QuickBooks Pro masta'.... and I also would like to say that program's the biggest piece of shit ever. Herbert is my hero.

Going my business bank and my personal bank to deposit some checks now.

(no subject)

Been working on a few separate projects. Just popped in the "Last of the Mohicans" DVD .... when I unwrapped it, there was a slip of paper that reads:

This movie has been re-edited by Michael Mann. It is his definitive vision of the film. In order to create it, certain shots had to be lengthened, resulting in a momentary jump in the image.

What they mean is this:

We couldn't fit the director's cut of the movie in the space alotted by a single layer on a DVD, and we were too stupid/lazy to find a good transition point to refocus the laser for the layer switch.

Because I really doubt a "momentary jump in the image" is what the directory's "definitive vision" of his film contains.


I just can't get MySQL to not suck. I was playing with PostgreSQL the other day, and that sucks in many respects as well. I really wish I could afford Oracle. Real RDBMSes kick ass. Even MS-SQL kicks ass, too, having used that at Intel extensively.

Goal: write some intelligent monitoring/fixing scripts to watch livejournal while I go to the beach tonight. I don't have digital cellphone service out there, hence no text messaging. I'll be able to login from my dad's laptop, but I don't really want to do that.


So, I think I just fixed a number of things that should drastically improve LiveJournal performance and reliability. This post should further convince me that things are working. If so, I just have to turn on some monitoring things I wrote, then it's beach time! Nick and Dan are ready to go ... think Mike's ready too.


k, I'm taking off to the beach now with Nick, Mike, and Dan. LiveJournal seems very happy, and I have it setup to fix itself and notify me should something go wrong.