July 20th, 2000


Fun in the ER

So, I went to the emergency room ... I was having some very annoying continuing pains that turned out to be an infection, the result of strenuous exercise. A couple hours later after waiting around at the 4 or 5 stations you have to go through before you actually see a doctor, they gave me some antibiotics and told me to basically stop running and stay away from sunlight. In other words, "Brad, go back to being a bum all day." I swear, every time I try and get in shape something retarded happens .... last summer I went running through a field and got an allergy attack that prevented me from breathing... had to go to the ER for that too, and they diagnosed me with asthma and gave me an inhaler. Anyway, I'm glad it's only an infection ... I was fearing worse. I should be able to sleep easier now, knowing that I have drugs that'll eventually make the pain stop.

Mike, Nick --- it was a fun four days of running. After 10 days or so of taking these pills twice daily, maybe I can run again. You'll probably be good by then. *sigh*

Blythe --- sorry for not calling. I'll call you tomorrow.

Awake, awake.

Woke up about 9:00 am and actually felt awake and rested for a change. That was some good sleep. Things to do today:
  • finish laundry
  • clean room
  • oil change
  • pharmacy

Programming Time

Went to the pharmacy, dropped off a prescription, went and had lunch with Mike, picked up my prescription and my mom's. So now my primary errand is taken care of. I started my laundry but don't feel like folding it. I never do. Who cares... I'll find it and put it on out of the laundry basket. Oh, also didn't get my oil changed yet, but I have a hundred miles or so left until I really need to do that.

So, now it's programmin' time.... feeling awake and ready to finish up the Windows LJ client and release the damn thing already. I think all the client code is done now ... I just have to make the server obey it for some of the new functionality.
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Stupid Linux

Linux is being stupid. I can't open up any network connection going out or going in. First thought: my retarded hub is dead .... switched it to a different port and heard my music skip. I'm playing mp3s on my Windows machine from my Linux machine .... so samba's working. So I do /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart and my music skips for a second too. And I still can't use the Internet from Linux. wtf?? Do I have to reboot it?
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Stupid Windows

I was blaming Linux for the network problems, but it turns out every machine in our house except for my Win2k machine can't do TCP/IP. The problem I believe is Win98 SE's "Internet Connection Sharing", Microsoft's half-ass attempt at IP Masquerading (NAT). For some reason it's confused and I'm unable to fix it. Very pissed off. Why do we have Win98 doing our NAT? Because my parents won't let me build a Linux box to run it on because they want to be able to maintain it when I'm not here. Time to get a Linksys NAT box.
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Done with the Windows LJ client. Would've released it but I got distracted having to fix our network. Going out to eat now ... Chevy's (Mexican). Will package and release the new client upon my return.

Pointers Suck

I wish there was a good way to write Windows applications that didn't involve C or C++. As fun as pointers can be, it isn't worth it when you have a bug that only crops up once in 10 times and only on certain platforms. The last thing on my to-do list for the new Windows client was to fix the crash in the "Friend of" editing tab, but I could never find it. I then wrote and tested my install program and code to create shortcuts in the Start Menu and Desktop and sent it to my little brother to test. First thing we notice is it crashes in the "Edit Friends" dialog. Great. So now I have to hunt that down, but the crash is occuring in weird spots that the MSVC debugger won't show me (I just see assembly), so I have to basically review all the friends code and keep track of what's supposed to be happening. Release coming soon.
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Perhaps this is the problem.... the reference-counting mechanism on my LJRequest object is used like this:
    if (m_reqLoadFriendOf)
But the problem is that if the RemoveRef() actually does end up deleting the object, nothing ever nulls out the request object pointer. I need to change the RemoveRef prototype to be like:
    LJRequest::RemoveRef (LJRequest *&reqPtr);
That way I can check if it's non-null (instead of the client-code needing to do it), free it, and set it back to NULL when it's actually freed. None of this would be necessary if I were using Java. Of course, Microsoft doesn't support Java anymore... I supposed I could one day write it in MS-proprietary C# (C-Sharp).. ha!
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