July 21st, 2000



The function SHGetSpecialFolderPathA is only implemented in shell32.dll on Win98, not Win95 ... thanks for putting that in the documentation Microsoft! Grrrr.... Hey win95 users, don't use the new LJ client for awhile .... I need to fix this crap.

Update: if Win95 users have IE4 or newer, then their Shell32.dll supports this function. Goddamn I hate Windows programming.
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Morning Summary

Cole fell asleep in my bed, so I slept in his bed. This morning my mom read that Blythe was coming down and went on a cleaning spree, being loud and waking me up in the process, I then dealt with dozens of LiveJournal emails, cleaned the shower (while I took a shower), and have been fighting with crappy Microsoft software. I hate them now more than I ever have... even their developer tools are retarded and treat users like idiots. wtf?

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Nick, Blythe and I are watching "Fear" on DVD. Blythe and I were going to go to the beach today, but my mom is being annoyingly motherly and not letting us go without parental supervision ... wtf? Am I six? Yeah, but she says we can go tomorrow with the rest of the family. Yeah, great ... just what I want. No thanks, we're going to go to the gorge instead to go hiking.

Linux rules

So, get this: I was trying to download the "Microsoft Platform SDK", basically the update kit that lets me develop Windows 2000 programs, and the goddamn Microsoft installer program keeps locking up about 20% through. I used ethereal to sniff the network traffic from my Linux box, find the Microsoft FTP site it was trying to download from, and then used wget -r -c on Linux to suck it down .... Linux rules. Microsoft software sucks, once again.

Oh, so the eventual goal of this is 650 MB download is to install the Win2000 SDKs so I can use one tiny 22k Win2000 .dll file (shfolder.dll) and then according to MS docs I can give that DLL to any other Windows user, then that damn export problem will be fixed.