July 22nd, 2000



going to bed now. tomorrow Blythe and I are going to go hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls and hike down Onieonta (sp?) Gorge. should be fun ... it's been awhile since I've last gone.

Now bedtime

Er, stayed up a little later than I planned .... I think I fixed the big installer bug I was having (the shell32.dll version problem). There's a new LJ client here... nothing new: just fixed the problems Win95 and NT4.0 people were having. (I think... I can't test it. Only have Win98 and Win2k here.... but I used the old APIs this time, and they work here...)

Yeah, so bedtime now.

(no subject)

heh ... blythe is being weird. if she weren't so cute bgbv vhj k damnit, that was blythe.grew21`45 she's having fun. she just bent up a little toy thing into the shape of mickey mouse and is !!RE!AL!Y! !proud of herself. that was hte caps-lock action back there too. we just made sandwiches and ate on on the veranda. that's a nifty word.gtrddisneyland!!!!!!